The Atari(TM) Compendium


The Atari(TM) Compendium is designed to be a comprehensive reference manual for Atari software and hardware designers of all levels of expertise. At the very least, it will (hopefully) be the first publication available that documents all operating system functions, including any modifications or bugs that were associated with them, from TOS 1.00 to whatever the final release version of Falcon TOS ends up being. GEMDOS, BIOS, XBIOS (including sound and DSP calls), VDI, GDOS, LINE-A, FSM, AES, MetaDOS, AHDI and MiNT will be documented. Hardware information to the extent that information is useful to a software programmer will also be covered. This volume will not include hardware specifications used in the creation of hardware add-ons, a programming introduction designed for beginners, or an application style guide.

As a part of the volume will be a listing of standard conventions. The following is a brief listing of conventions used in the book:
The quick brown fox....Normal Text
WORD appl_init(VOID)Function Definitions
mode, flag, ap_idprogram/system variables
WORD, TOS, WM_CLOSEDmacros, typedef's, define's, OS components
typedef struct { Program listings/bindings
A basic explanation is listed... Text in tables
ctrl-gKeyboard keys

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